Festuca commutata

Chewings fescue

Very adapted to cold areas

Very adapted to cold winters
In our own selections in Czech Republic and Poland, MARITZA proved to have a very high quality under conditions with real winters. This was confirmed by the official trials in Denmark. During winter MARITZA slows down the growth, but is using the energy 100% for a glossy appearance during the whole summer.

Low input can be a reality
The official Danish trials work with two different levels of nitrogen and MARITZA corresponds well to this. Again this is in line with our own trials for selection where MARITZA was top of trials under low input.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Red thread tolerance
Salt tolerance
Close mowing tolerance
  • Very high score for visual merit
  • Selected for low input
  • Adapted to climates with long winters
  • High density

High/Low N trial performance

Source: Danish official trials, 1-9. 9 = best

  Visual merit - normal N Visual merit - low N Winter colour
Maritza 8 6 2
Calliope 7 5 3

Perfect for sport

Source: Danish official trials, 1-9. 9 = best

  Density Wear tole- rance Regeneration after wear
Maritza 7 5 5
Calliope 6 4 4