Festuca commutata

Chewings fescue

The best performing variety under very close cutting

Very tolerant to close mowing
Nikky performs very well under close cutting (e.g. golf greens). The rating of Nikky is the highest on the STRI turfgrass list for 2011. Furthermore, the variety has a very nice dark green colour during the whole season. This makes the variety the ultimate choice for golf green mixtures.

Extreme density
The extraordinary perfomance under close mowing is reflected in the fact, that the variety also has the higest density on the STRI list under close mowing.

Better performance than Musica
For several years the variety Musica has been the best performing chewings fescue variety on the STRI list under close mowing. This position has now been taken over by Nikky, which is seen as a major achievement.



Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Red thread tolerance
Salt tolerance
Close mowing tolerance
  • Very tolerant to close mowing
  • Extremely dense
  • Nice dark green colour
  • Best variety on STRI list 2011 under close mowing