Festuca commutata

Chewings fescue

Nice composition and harmonic look harmonious

Great Appearance
Very constant greenness throughout all seasons makes WAGNER 1 a very even and universal variety. The high shoot density guarantees a dense sward. A nice appearance with a good sward density gives a nice ornamental lawn. But also in the category and testing series concerning close mowing WAGNER 1 proves a good performance. At the STRI List it ranks three of the new entries 2011.

Good performance
In total that gives a very good overall performance of WAGNER 1 in lawns as well as under close mowing management, which makes WAGNER 1 the number 1 choice as a mixture prepared for all missions. Another advantage is the good salt tolerance of WAGNER 1.

Dense with a nice green and shiny appearance



Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Red thread tolerance
Salt tolerance
Close mowing tolerance
  • Very nice appearance in summer and winter
  • Good performance in close mowing
  • Universal use
  • Top summer greenness

Dense with a nice green and shiny appearance

Source: STRI Turfgrass Seed 2011 (Scores 1-9, 9 = best)

  Shoot density Visual merit Mean Summer greenness
Lawn 6,6 6,6 6,6 6,6
Green 7,1 6,9 7 8,4

Fine-leaved and dense

Source: Beschreibende Sortenliste Rasengräser 2010 (Scores 1-9, 9 = best)

  Suitable for close mowing Fineness of leaf Sward density Resistance to Red Thread
Lawn 7 8 8 6