Agrostis stolonifera

The highest rated creeping bent grass in the UK

Quite simply the highest rated creeping bentgrass in both STRI and NTEP trials suitable for golf greens. The fine leaf, exceptional density and remarkable colour lead the market. Tolerates mowing down to 2.5mm.

The original COBRA was well known for it’s combination of playing quality, disease resistance and efficient fertiliser use. COBRA NOVA now brings you these same attributes with the benefits of the new generation of creeping bents.

Results from official independent field trials in the UK and the USA show that COBRA NOVA is one of the best creeping bents, if not the best, varieties in the market and particularly adapted to European conditions of play, climate and maintenance. The shoot density and visual merit of COBRA NOVA are exceptional in UK trials. Under close mowing (3-4 mm) COBRA NOVA was also the best performing variety in the 2004-2007 NTEP trials in the USA.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Close mowing tolerance

•     Rapid establishment
•     High density
•     Excellent tolerance to close mowing
•     Good disease resistance
•     Excellent winter colour