Lolium perenne

Perennial ryegrass

Low secondary growth, this variety will never reach the sky!

The name is no indication for the growing height!
The opposite is the case; GREENSKY has an extremely low secondary growth and therefore can save mowing costs. It has a nice live ground cover - fine leave texture and is doing quite well under Sport management cut at 25 mm.

Also the winter aspect is very nice; the grades are almost as high as the summer aspect according to German rating. The good visual merit has also been seen in the UK Bingley trails for lawns and sports.

The very good classification for amenity turf and wear tolerance from UK as well as from Germany underlines the quality of GREENSKY.

The disease resistance is equal to all top listed varieties. Top level wear tolerance in combination with fine leaves and low growth makes GREENSKY the choice for different kind of mixtures.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Wear tolerance
Rust tolerance
Red thread tolerance
Salt tolerance
Shade tolerance
  • Excellent ground cover in sports management
  • Top quality variety
  • Nice summer and winter aspects
  • Good low input level performance

Performance in the UK

Source: STRI UK (Scores 1-9, 9 = best)

Sports use live ground cover Visual merit Mean
Greensky 6,6 6,5 6,6

Performance in Germany

Source: FLL Germany (Scores 1-9, 9 = best)

  Orna- mental Lawn Wear Landscape
Greensky 6 8 9 7