Sheeps & Hard fescue

A highly drought tolerant, low nutrient demand grass. Some cultivars tolerate very close mowing. A highly flexible species used in a diverse range of mixtures particularly suitable for sustainable golf course management programs.
It is particularly useful in low maintenance situations and has a tolerance to a wide range of soils from acidic to alkaline. Visually attractive if left uncut.

Latin name:        Festuca ovina

Seeds/gram:     950

Germination:      2-3 weeks

Shoot density:    800-1000 shoots/100cm2

Cutting height:   Normal: 15-35mm
                          Not less than 5mm

Growth:              In tufts

Distinguishing features:

 Very fine leaved plant with high shoot density

 Leaves are thread like, hairless with a strongly ribbed ridged upper surface

 Leaves greyish to blue green coloration 
 Characteristically forms whorls as a mature plant, (Sheeps fescue) 

 Auricles are described as absent or much reduced 

 Ligule is very short  Rhizomes absent 

 Leaf sheaths open and overlapping

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