Festuca trachyphylla

Hard fescue

Superior wear tolerance in summer

Adapted to low input
Hard Fescues are particularly for the use under low input and with limitations to traffic.
NORDIC has shown to be superior to other hard fescues concerning wear tolerance, especially during the summer period.

Overall good disease tolerance
NORDIC has a good resistance to red thread, fusarium patch disease, rusts and Drecslera leafspot.



Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Red thread tolerance
Salt tolerance
Close mowing tolerance
  • Better wear tolerance
  • Good disease tolerance
  • Adapted to low input
  • Medium dark colour

Nordic compared to Triana

STRI 2007 Turfgrass Seed - high score is best

Index of use

Bulletin des Gazons 2007 (France) 1-9=best