Festuca trichophylla

Slender creeping red fescue

Smirna - For Short Growth and Density

Short Growth is Always the Key Factor
All professionals as well as private gardeners are looking for short growing and dense growing lawns. Using SMIRNA you are well on the way to achieving this ideal situatuation.

Tolerance to Close Mowing
Beeing mowed down to 5-6 mm on golf greens and still be able to withstand hard wear is a tough job for the grass. SMIRNA can cope with this and still give the glossy appearance you are looking for.

Improved Tolerance to Drought and Salt
Is one of the main characteristics for the slender creeping red fescues. SMIRNA has clearly demonstrated that this nature given advantage is kept alongside with the improved qualities in the variety and ad the nice dark green colour during summer.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Red thread tolerance
Salt tolerance
Close mowing tolerance
  • Very short growth
  • Toterant to close mowing
  • Improved tolerance to drought
  • High tolerance to salt