Poa pratensis

Smooth-stalked Meadow-grass

Smooth-stalked Meadow-grass = CONNI

CONNI produces a lot of tillers and has an erect habit of growth, which gives a very dense, uniform turf. The rate of growth is medium to slow.

Wear Tolerance
CONNI has a very good wear tolerance and is highly suitable for both ornamental lawns and sports grounds.

Broad Disease Resistance
The high scoring of CONNI in trials all over Europe proves that CONNI contains a very effective and broad resistance to general diseases of Poa pratensis.

Broad Adaptability
The very broad adaptability has made CONNI one of the most sold varieties in Europe in the quality segment of Poa pratensis. Wherever CONNI has been listed it has obtained very good results and is widely recommended.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Wear tolerance
Rust tolerance
Red thread tolerance
Salt tolerance
  • Fine leaved
  • Dense
  • Good wear tolerance
  • Real value for money

Results from UK

Source STRI Bingley (Scores 1-9, 9 = best)

Amenity Sport Landscape
Conni 8 6 5

Results from Germany

Source RSM (Germany) (Scores 1-9, 9 = best)

Density Visual merit Fineness Dis. Res.
Conni 7 7,2 6,7 6,1