Festuca arundinacea

Tall fescue

Take Advantage of the Qualities of Tall Fescue in Turf Mixtures!

Adaptation in Mixtures
Hardly two summers are identical. Sometimes the drought is prolonged and the growth of tall fescue favoured. On the other hand humid conditions will favour species like perennial ryegrass.

Such alternating conditions...
can lead to a heterogeneous turf aspect. In our private trials we have remarked the ability of STARLETT to maintain the mixture balance.

>= 30% in mixtures
For STARLETT as for other tall fescue varieties we recommend at least 30% (weight) in the seed mixture to ensure a good start facing the more aggressive ryegrass. The perfect partner for tall fescue is Poa pratensis.

Very Rust Resistant
STARLETT is highly disease resistant, in particular towards rusts.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Wear tolerance
Red thread tolerance
Salt tolerance
  • Improved fineness of leaves
  • Very high wear tolerance
  • Highly adapted in mixtures
  • Very rust resistant

Leaf texture

Source: NTEP-USA, 1-9, 9=best.

Wear tolerance

Source: NTEP-USA, 1-9, 9=best.