Velvet bent

Of the bent grass species, velvet bent tolerates the closest cutting, forming a dense attractive sward which can help to prevent the  invasion of poa annua . This native bent grass has the highest natural resistance to common turf grass diseases and exceptional drought tolerance. Over feeding will cause excessive growth and thatch build up

Latin name:        Agrostis canina

Seeds/gram:     12,000

Germination:      About 2 weeks

Shoot density:    700-800

Cutting height:   Normal: 3-10mm
                          Not over 15mm

Growth:              slender Creeping stolons


Distinguishing features:

  • Leaves bright green or grey green, finely bladed, hairless & finely ribbed above.

  • Ligules often pointed, 2-4 mm long

  • Numerous slender stolons rooting at the nodes

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