Agrostis canina

Velvet bent

Excellent putting surface with low fertiliser requirements


VILLA 1 was bred for golf course greens, but can also be used for bowling greens, golf tees, fairways, croquet lawns and tennis courts.

High quality

VILLA 1 is an elite velvet bentgrass used primarily on golf course putting greens. VILLA’s turf quality is outstanding, and its overall resistance to diseases and pests is excellent.VILLA 1 also ranked #1 overall for creeping and velvet bent turfgrass quality under low maintenance.

Very low cutting height and top ranking

In addition VILLA 1 is number one under close mowing,1/8” or lower. Results from UK-STRI-Bingley and from Scandinavian trials confirm these excellent results. VILLA 1 out-performs many other varieties with its abundant summer and autumn density, remarkable winter colour and fine texture. If you’re looking for top quality turf that will be both beautiful and durable all year long,


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

  • Exceptionally dense 
  • Adapted to low maintenance conditions
  • Top ranked for turf quality
  • Vibrant, medium green colour