WBA 2 (AB16)

2 Year autumn sown bumblebird mixture


This mixture is eligible for Countryside Stewardship option AB16

It will provide important food resources for farmland birds and a range of nectar feeding insects, including butterflies and bumblebees on arable land and mixed farms.

If successful there will be:

  • An abundant supply of small seeds during the winter months
  • Farmland birds such as tree sparrow and corn bunting eating these seeds
  • Abundant supply of pollen and nectar-rich flowers between early and late summer
  • Pollinating and beneficial insects including bumblebees, solitary bees, butterflies and hoverflies using these flowers

Sow late August to the end of September

Sowing Rate Pack Size
40kg/ha 20kg


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

EFA Fallow Land
Wild Bird Seed Mix
28% Winter Triticale 5% Kale
25% Winter Barley 2.5% Red Clover
10% Fodder Radish 2% Placelia
8% Birdsfoot Trefoil 0.5% Black Knapweed (N)
8% Winter Vetch 0.5% Wild Carrot
5% Crimson Clover 0.5% Oxeye Daisy
5% Gold of Pleasure