Traditionally grown for its oil, linseed has become popular in recent years as game cover and is particularly attractive to partridge.

It is an easy to grow crop and is tolerant of many soil types, performing well on thinner soils e.g. Cotswold Brash. Although not frost hardy it will continue to provide cover and interest well into the winter especially if sown as part of a mixture. It is also another option where brassica sickness has been a problem.

Seed Rate Pack Size Seed Treatment
60kg/ha 25kg Untreated


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Cover Crop
Feed Crop
Nectar Source

“We are quite far up the hill and many of our game plots are exposed, so we need cover crops that will consistently establish and perform well in challenging situations. We find Triticale and Linseed are two of the most consistent performers in our West Perthshire conditions and form the back bone of our DLF game cover crops for both pheasants and partridge shoots.” 

Paddy Leonard, Game Keeper, Fordie Estate, Perthshire. December 2015