PM 25R Gro-slow plus

Low maintenance/poor soils/embankments

% Cultivar Species 
15% DOUBLE  4turf Tetraploid perennial ryegrasss
10% ARCHIBAL Slender creeping red fescue 
40% MAXIMA Strong creeping red fescue 
20% DUMAS 1 Hard fescue 
10%   Crested dogstail 
5% HIGHLAND  Browntop bent 


Sowing rate: 25-50g/m2
Sowing rate, when sowing with wild flora 4g/m2
Overseeding: 15-25g/m2
Mowing height:  20mm or twice/year to approx 100mm
Unmown heights: approx 150-200mm (excluding flower heads) depending on fertility


The addition of new Double 4Turf tetraploid rye grass to our standard low maintenance mixture is suitable when rapid establishment is also required. 4Turf has a more open habit, perfect to allow the finer grasses to establish & offers improved drought tolerance and a stronger root system.


Treated seed, read more on GroMax by clicking HERE


Available in 20kg bags




Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Wear tolerance
Close mowing tolerance
Red thread tolerance
Salt tolerance
Shade tolerance
Fast establishment