Bred specifically for the UK

Sundance is a conventional Oilseed Rape variety from independent UK breeder Mike Pickford, specifically for the UK market with traits well suited for the growing conditions. The variety is bred 900 feet above sea level on challenging soils, yet Sundance still manages to outperform many market leading varieties, even in less favourable situations.

Establishment and Vigour

Sundance has good early vigour and Autumn establishment.


Sundance is one of the highest yielding oilseed rape varieties in the Northern Region. The variety possesses a very high oil content, higher than many other conventional varieties combined with good all-round disease resistance.

Oil Content

Sundance has a high oil content at 44.9% and therefore should command a high oil premium.

Components of yield

Varieties that have a high gross output usually combine high seed yield and high oil content and should be the preferred choice. 
Sundance’s genetics show high components of seed yield, with a high number of flowers, pods and seeds per pod.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Lodging Resistance
Oil Content
Glucosinolate Level
Disease Resistance
Early to Flower
Early to Ripen

Sundance Key Points

  • Early to flower and ripen 
  • High output 
  • High oil content 
  • Good all-round disease resistance 
  • Vigorous autumn establishment