Forage Maize

Maize is a sub-tropical crop with its origins in the warmer climates of Central America, this must not be forgotten when selecting where to grow forage maize. Recent introductions of earlier maturing hybrid varieties have increased the areas where maize can be successfully grown in the British Isles.

Because maize is a very fast growing crop and we are growing it close to its climatic limits it is very sensitive to soil and site.

The best crops are grown on the best soils and sites. The crop is best suited to soils, which warm up fast in the spring and also allow silage machinery to travel into late October without causing damage to soil structure.

Walk the fields where you have a choice of cropping and choose sheltered sites, with well-structured free draining soil, preferably with a southerly aspect, especially in more marginal areas, and therefore provide maximum chance of success.

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