MARCAMO for Anaerobic Digestion

Economical early/main crop variety.

MARCAMO is listed for both Favourable and Very Favourable sites on the BSPB/NIAB Descriptive List of Forage Maize for 2021

MARCAMO is a high yielding, economical early/main crop variety.

Suitable for both use both for forage and anearobic digestion

ME and starch content is typical of other varieties of its type.

MARCAMO performs well, especially in more favourable maize growing areas.

High yielding
Suitable for forage and anaerobic digestion
Especially well suited to favourable sites

  • DM Yield 18.3 to 19.2 tDM/Ha
  • Starch Yield 5.19 to 6.19 t/Ha
  • ME Yield 206,000 to 217,000 MJ/Ha

(BSPB/NIAB Descriptive List of Forage Maize for 2021)


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Maturity (9 = Earliest)
Cell Wall Digestibility
Early Vigour