HF Master Silage

A medium term silage mixture

Specifically designed for 3 or 4 cuts

  • Formulated for high yields at first cut and subsequent cuts
  • Designed for fast regrowth and quality, leafy silage
  • Contains a substantial proportion of High DNDF varieties
  • High sugar grasses and no Timothy ensures top quality silage

Recommended sowing rate:  13-15 kg/acre 32-35 kg/Ha

"I have recently installed robotic milking for my jersey herd and to suit the system I now zero graze and aim for top quality silage. Milk solids from forage is the profit driver and I find HF mixtures to be very easily managed. HF Master Silage suits the zero grazer well on the drier ground, cows really like it and it reduces rotation days due to its rapid regrowth."

Samuel Johnson, Fintona, County Tyrone


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Disease Resistance
Winter Hardiness
Early Spring Growth
Ground Cover
HF Master Silage  
LOFA Advanced™ Hybrid Ryegrass TODDINGTON Late Perennial Ryegrass
CITELIAC Tetraploid Hybrid Ryegrass ASPECT Tetraploid Late Perennial Ryegrass
DIWAN Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass ALFONSO Tetraploid Late Perennial Ryegrass
SEAGOE Tetraploid Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass