HF Super Sward

A more traditional silage mixture of medium term duration

Supersward is a high performance mixture suitable for Cutting or Grazing

  • Designed with later heading varieties for later areas
  • Varieties selected for high cutting yield and quality
  • Slightly higher inclusion of Timothy for colder and later areas
  • Excellent winter hardiness and sward density

Recommended sowing rate:  14-15 kg/acre 32-35 kg/Ha


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Disease Resistance
Winter Hardiness
Early Spring Growth
Ground Cover
HF Super Sward
BOYNE Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass ASPECT Tetraploid Late Perennial Ryegrass
SOLOMON Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass ALFONSO Tetraploid Late Perennial Ryegrass
SEAGOE Tetraploid Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass DOLINA Timothy
TODDINGTON Late Perennial Ryegrass PROMESSE Timothy
CAVENDISH Late Perennial Ryegrass HF CUTTING CLOVER BLEND White Clover