HF Yielder

A highly productive one to two year mixture for intensive cutting or grazing.

Yielder is designed for maximum yield over two full production years

  • The top yielding mixture
  • High tetraploid content ensures high quality silage
  • Capable of 3 or 4 quality cuts per year
  • Not suitable for undersowing a cereal as too aggressive

Recommended sowing rate: 13 - 14 kg/Acre (32 - 35 kg/Ha)

"Our grass reseeds follow Winter Barley to give a clean entry. HF Seeds are our mixtures of choice to supply forage to 120 dairy cows & follower. We cut in the middle of May and these mixtures deliver high quality crops and superb regrowth for second cut. Good silage and grazing is essential for us and HF Yielder delivers what we need, when we need it."

JW & AE Faulkner
Smerills Farm, Radbourne, Kirk Langley, Derbyshire

(Seed supplied by Carrs Agriculture (Stone))



Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Disease Resistance
Winter Hardiness
Early Spring Growth
Ground Cover
HF Yielder  
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