The profitable provider for Biomass and Forage

PROTECTOR is the fastest growing rye variety available, it even grows at low temperatures when other varieties stop growing.

Helps provide protection against soil erosion because of soil coverage and rapid plant development in autumn.

Constantly high uptake of nitrogen during the autumn period. Fertiliser can be applied in early spring but should kept at a moderate level.

Dry matter yield of PROTECTOR is higher than that of other similar varieties (and is similar to hybrid rye) at time of cutting in early May.

PROTECTOR is a useful cover crop option before silage maize.

This makes PROTECTOR a commercially valuable choice.

PROTECTOR is an excellent supplier of biomass due to its good time:output ratio.

Harvest tip: Wilt PROTECTOR to a dry matter content of more than 18 % to prevent unwanted effluent.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Disease Resistance
Winter Hardiness
Early Spring Growth
Ground Cover
Grazing Tolerance
  • Vigorous initial development
  • Suitable for late sowing
  • Excellent winter hardiness
  • Growing even at low temperature levels
  • High tillering
  • Early harvest
  • Provides highest yields in total dry matter