BGM4 with Wild Flowers and Fine Grasses

Includes wild flowers to add a swathe of colour


The inclusion of a range of wild flowers adds a swathe of colour to the margin and ornamental grasses with attractive seed heads for extra impact.

There are ample tall plants for cover and dense growing species for ground cover and weed suppression.

Sowing Rate Pack Size
16kg/ha 20kg



Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

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Field Corners
BGM 4 With Wild Flowers & Fine Grasses     
25% Chewing Fescue  1% Birdsfoot Trefoil
20% Hard Fescue  1% Black Medic
15% Slender Red Fescue  0.5% Alsike Clover
15% Creeping Red Fescue  0.4% Yarrow
5% Sainfoin  0.4% Ox-eye Daisy
4% Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass  0.4% Wild Carrot
4% Crested Dogs Tail  0.25% Ribwort Plantain
3.5% Winter Vetch 0.15% Black Knapweed (N)
2.25% Red Clover 0.15% Red Campion (N)
2% Browntop Bent