Moderate resistance to Club Root


Marian is a medium dry matter variety with moderate resistance to club root.

It is a dual purpose variety suitable for fodder and culinary use with yellow coloured flesh and purple skin.

Pack Size Treatment
Natural Seed 1kg Cruiser SB Flea Beetle Treatment
Graded Seed 0.5kg Cruiser SB Flea Beetle Treatment


Stock should be introduced gradually over a two week period and an area of grassland should be available for animals to return to; water and hay or straw should also be made available. Please contact your supplier for further guidance.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Dry Matter Yield
Fresh Yield
Dry Matter Content
Crude Protein
Metabolisable Energy
Sugars in Dry Matter
Root Shape (9=Globe 1=Tankard)
Winter Hardiness
Club Root Tollerance
Brassica Fodder Crop for CSS
Swede Yield and Feed Quality
Average dry matter yield 7 - 10 tonnes/ha
Average fresh yields  70 - 80 tonnes/ha
Crude protein  10 - 11% (mainly leaves)
Digestibility value 82 D
Dry matter  9 - 13%
Metabolisable energy  12.8 - 13.1 MJ/kg DM
Sugars in DM 59%