Pre December use


The forage rape element of this mixture ensures quick establishment and high protein yields, whilst the stubble turnips provide energy and stockholding capacity.

The mixture is ideal for fattening stock and will provide grazing from July through to December. Sow mid April - mid September

Seed Rate Pack Size Seed Treatment
6 - 8.5kg/ha 5kg Untreated


Stock should be introduced gradually over a two week period and an area of grassland should be available for animals to return to; water and hay or straw should also be made available. Please contact your supplier for further guidance.


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Brassica Fodder Crop for CSS
Dry Matter Yield
Fresh Yield
Dry Matter Content
Crude Protein
Metabolisable Energy
Winter Hardiness
Rapid Root
60% Forage Rape 5% Kale
35% Stubble Turnip