Wild flowers to create floristically enhanced buffer strips

The addition of species rich wild flowers to species rich grass margins creates floristically enhanced field margins which provide cover for wider range of species of nesting birds, insects and small mammals.

  • Suitable for all soil types.
  • Ideal for buffer strips and field corners.

Species Rich Wild Flowers are also available as a mixture with Species Rich Grass in the following ratios:

95% Species Rich Grass with 5% Species Rich Wild Flowers

90% Species Rich Grass with 10% Species Rich Wild Flowers

85% Species Rich Grass with 15% Species Rich Wild Flowers

Sowing Rate Pack Size
Variable 1kg



Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

EFA Buffer Strips
Buffer Strips
Field Corners
Species-Rich Wild Flowers - All Native    
15% Black Knapweed  (N) 8% Ladys Bedstraw (N)
12% Selfheal (N)  6% Black Medick (N)
10% Ribwort Plantain (N) 5% Fields Scabious (N)
9% Meadow Buttercup (N) 4% Meadow Vetchling (N)
8% Ox-eye Daisy  (N) 3% Yarrow (N)
8% Common Sorrel (N) 2% Ragged Robin (N) 
8% Yellow Rattle (N) 2% Red Clover (N)