WF1 Countryside Flora

For colourful buffer strips

WF1 is a competitively priced mixture of legumes and wild flowers suitable for adding into any of the Stewardship grass mixtures. Add to the standard mixtures when drilling, or sow by hand afterwards along the headlands to produce drifts of wild flowers.

  • Over the seasons, wild flowers adapted to your local soils and management will appear in fields or headlands managed under Stewardship protocols. To get a faster environmental and visual impact, wild flowers and legumes can be sown with the grass.
  • A small amount of wild flower seed can go a long, long way.
Sowing Rate Pack Size
5 - 10kg/ha 1kg


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Buffer Strips
WF1 Countryside Flora    
42% Sainfoin  1% Black Knapweed (N)
10% Red Clover  1% Red Campion (N)
10% Birdsfoot Trefoil  1% Musk Mallow
8% Winter Vetch 1% Wild Carrot (N)
6% Yarrow 1% Lady's Bedstraw (N)
5% Lucerne (innoculated) 0.75% Goats Rue
4% Alsike Clover 0.75% Selfheal (N)
4% Black Medick 0.25% Field Poppy (N)
2% Meadow Buttercup (N) 0.25% Sald Burnet
1.75% Ox-eye Daisy 0.25% Suckling Clover (N)