Fodder Beet

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Fodder Beet is grown as a main root crop, which requires similar husbandry to sugar beet. It can produce substantial yields of high quality fodder and is an excellent supplement to grass silage. The roots are very palatable to stock and have superb feed
quality. Specialist harvesting equipment is required to lift the roots and storage is required unless they are strip grazed in situ.

Medium dry matter varieties tend to have a higher percentage of root above ground and can be lifted with a top lifter and therefore have a relatively low dirt tare. These highly palatable roots can be fed whole to stock. High dry matter varieties tend to sit further in the ground and require a sugar beet harvester to lift them. Due to the higher dirt tare and hardness of the root, these varieties may need to be chopped and washed before feeding. After wilting, the tops may be fed to stock and can contribute a further yield of 3-4 tonnes of protein-rich dry matter per hectare.

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