For both fodder and bio-energy production.


An exciting dual purpose variety for both fodder and bio-energy production.

High yielding with a low dirt tare. Enermax has a clean, white, smooth-skinned root and is shallow rooting, resulting in a cleaner end product particularly important for the bio-fuel market.

It has a higher root yield when compared with the well-known and popular variety Magnum. Official variety testing (Denmark 2010 - 2011), has shown that Enermax can produce 21 tonnes/DM/ha from the root only, with the beet tops adding approximately 5 tonnes DM/ha.

Enermax has the additional benefit of being Rhizomania tolerant and so is suitable for growing in the east of the country where sugarbeet is a widely grown crop, as well as in the west and other areas

  • An excellent dual purpose variety
  • Smooth, clean white roots
  • High dry matter content
  • Higher root yield, compared to Magnum
  • Ideal for forage or biogas production
  • Good disease resistance
Pack Size Seed Treatment
50,000 seeds per acre Force Magna, Cruiser Force/TMTD and Untreated




Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Cleanness of root
Root in ground
Rust resistance
Grazing suitability
Lifting suitability