Consistent root size and reliable high dry matter yields

Magnum has a consistent root size and reliable high dry matter yields.

It is a very palatable variety therefore increasing appetite and dry matter intake in all stock. Higher dry matter fodder beet has been shown to increase milk yield and daily live weight gain. Due to its high dry matter content it is more frost resistant than other varieties with a high proportion of clean, white root in the ground

  • A popular white-root variety 
  • Even root sizes
  • High dry matter content
  • High yields
  • A consistent, reliable variety
  • Good resistance to rust
Pack Size Seed Treatment
50,000 seeds per acre Force Magna or Cruiser Force/TMTD


Scale 1-9, where 9 = best or most pronounced

Cleanness of root
Root in ground
Rust resistance
Grazing suitability
Lifting suitability