Swedes are a full season root crop which are mainly fed in situ, but can also be lifted and stored in a clamp. They are an excellent high energy winter feed. It is adviseable to use an electric fence to reduce wastage. They do best in areas of high rainfall, so are
generally grown in the more northerly and western areas of the UK.

Swedes can be grown in a wide range of soil types with good drainage as they are sensitive to compaction and poor drainage; they do best in soils with a ph of approximately 6.5. The majority of swede crops are now sown with precision drills which require a level seed bed. Varieties are generally classed as fodder or culinary types; however there are some dual purpose types.

Stock should be introduced gradually over a two week period and an area of grassland should be available for animals to return to; water and hay or straw should also be made available. Please contact your supplier for further guidance

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