DLF Seeds UK Limited: Data Privacy in the Recruitment Process

DLF Seeds Ltd (also referred to as “the Company”) is the data controller for the information you provide during the recruitment process, unless otherwise stated.  Our policy and procedures are intended to ensure we comply with current legislation when collecting and using personal information. Any complaints we receive will be taken seriously and appropriate action taken.  If you have any queries about how we handle your information please contact our HR Manager pshadbolt@dlf.co.uk

Applicants’ Personal Information

The information you provide during the recruitment process will be used to assess your suitability, or to fulfil legal or regulatory requirements.   We will not share any of this information with any third parties for marketing purposes, or store it outside of the European Economic Area.  We or our third party processors will hold your information securely whether it is in electronic or physical format. We do not collect more information than we need, and will only hold it as long as necessary. You don’t have to provide the information we ask for but it might affect your application if you don’t. 

Applying for a job with DLF

We ask for your personal details including name and contact details. We will also ask about your previous experience, education and people who can provide us with a pre-employment reference.  Questions relevant to the role may be asked to assist with shortlisting.  Our HR team and where relevant any manager involved in the selection process will have access to some or all of this information.  

Interviews and Assessments

We may ask you to complete tests or occupational personality profile questionnaires as well as attending an interview.  Any information generated by you or notes taken by us during the selection process will be held by the Company.

We use Thomas International Personality Profile Assessments as part of the recruitment process for some of our posts, or to assist with our ongoing employee development.  These assessments are processed by our HR Department at DLF Head Office in Denmark. If we ask you to complete an assessment, we will send you a link to access this.   A report will be generated initially to Head Office HR in Denmark and thereafter it will be held by the UK business.   You will be offered feedback on the process. 

External Recruitment Support 

If we use 3rd parties to assist with recruitment, such as agencies or jobsites, we will first establish that they comply with GDPR requirements.  

Recruitment Decisions

Final recruitment decisions are made by hiring managers and HR, based on all the information gathered during the application process.  

Retention of Recruitment Information

The information you provide will be retained by us as part of your employee file if you take up employment with us and for 6 years after your employment ends. This includes health records and references.

Unsuccessful Applicants

If you are unsuccessful at any stage of the process, the information you have provided up to that point will be retained for 6 months from the closure of the campaign, as will information generated throughout the assessment process, e.g. interview notes.   

Conditional offer of employment

If you are the chosen candidate, we will make you a conditional offer of employment and ask you for further information to a) ensure you meet all our requirements and b) ascertain that you are entitled to work in the UK.   We request some information as standard and other details may be required in relation to the role we are offering you.  Examples of the sort of information we will ask for include:     

  • Proof of your identity and any qualifications required for the role.  You must provide original documents which we will copy.
  • The names of 2 people who can provide us with references.
  • We may need to ask you to complete a questionnaire about your health to establish your fitness to work. This is done through a data processor (please see below). We will only do this if we have cause, once a conditional offer of employment has been made. 

Health Assessments

BHSF provide our Occupational Health services.  If we make you a conditional offer of employment, we may ask you to complete a questionnaire to ensure you are fit to undertake the work you have been offered.   BHSF will hold this information and provide us with a summary report or fit to work certificate with recommendations on any adjustments which may be needed to help you work effectively.  You can ask to see the report before it is sent to us. If you decline for us to see it, then this could affect your job offer. If a full occupational health assessment is required, this is likely to be carried out by BHSF.

If we make a final offer of employment, we will also ask you for the following:

  • Bank details – to process salary payments
  • Emergency contact details – so we know who to contact in case you have an emergency at work.

Access to personal information

Individuals can find out if we hold any personal information by making a ‘subject access request’ (SAR) under the Data Protection Act 1998. To make a request, please contact our HR Manager, either by email pshadbolt@dlf.co.uk or in writing to our UK Head Office at Thorn Farm, Inkberrow, Worcestershire WR7 4LJ.  It may be possible for your request to be dealt with informally, e.g. over the phone, if you are content with this approach.   We will tell you what information we hold on you, for what purpose and to whom it may be disclosed. We will investigate any complaints and correct any inaccuracies we are made aware of.

Review of this Privacy notice

This document was drafted in May 2018 and will be reviewed periodically to ensure it meets current legislative requirements.