Hydroseeding Products

Hydroseeding is a mechanical method of applying seed, fertilizer, and mulch to land in one step

Person wearing rubber boots standing on cloverfield

TERRA FSP - Hydroseeding mulch

Terra FSP is a high performance GREEN mulch for hydroseeding applications. It promotes accelerated growth through a combination of seed protection and improved hydration for nourishment. Manufactured from recycled wood fibre and straw, Terra FSP is safe to handle, environmentally sound with an unlimited shelf life. Application Rates: 100-180g/m2

  • Rapid Growth - Terra FSP holds 1200% its own weight in water. Its water retention capability ensures newly sprayed seed is provided with the with vital nourishment necessary for successful germination and establishment
  • Superior Qualities - An even grass cover is easier to achieve due to the ease of producing a uniform slurry and the even spread achievable from using Terra FSP.
  • Environment - Terra FSP is non-toxic and non-irritant.100% biodegradable it decomposes to return precious nutrients to the soil.

GROWEB - Hydroseeding mulch

GroWeb Mulch is a blend of natural fibres. The purpose of mulch is to protect and nurture the seed. The fibres knit together when mixed with water, tackifier and fertiliser. Once sprayed onto the surface of the site they provide a protective and moisture retentive cover thus aiding the germination of the seed. Application Rates: 100-180g/m2

  • Rapid Growth - GroWeb‘s mix of fibre provides excellent water absorption - up to 400% its own weight. Its strong mat holds moisture and promotes rapid seed growth for quick, quality results.
  • Superior Qualities - Unlike wood-fibre mulches,which have a low pH that is detrimental to seed germination, GroWeb has a virtually neutral pH - ideal for establishing vegetation.
  • Environment - GroWeb is 100% recycled cotton fibre. It is biodegradable and absolutely non-toxic.
Person wearing rubber boots standing on cloverfield

GROWEB - Tackifier

GroWeb Tackifier is a natural non-toxic powder made up of 99% natural colloids and 1% inhibitor. The purpose of GroWeb Tackifier is a gelling agent that when mixed with water, swells becoming highly viscous, binding the seed, fertiliser and mulch to the soil surface. GroWeb Tackifier helps protect the seed from wind erosion, water erosion and drought. Application Rates: 2-4g/m2

Advantages of using GroWeb Tackifier:

  • GroWeb Tackifier is a harmless powder which is easy to handle
  • GroWeb Tackifier is highly viscose and will assist erosion control by stabilising the soil and holding the other materials in place
  • GroWeb Tackifier is highly water absorbent and will retain water and re-wet
  • GroWeb Tackifier lubricates both the mulch and the moving parts of the hydraseeding machine
  • GroWeb Tackifier helps protect the seed from wind erosion, water erosion and drought

GROWEB - Soil & Plat Fertiliser

Organic slow release fertiliser 8:7:7 and minerals, trace elements and natural growth stimulants. GroWeb Soil and Plant Conditioner is a concentrated liquid fertiliser. It is designed as a total replacement, one stop fertiliser. Application Rates: 30-40L per/ha.

Advantages of using GroWeb Fertiliser:

  • A predictable and safe fertiliser
  • Naturally occurring growth stimulants aid rapid germination
  • Good micro-organism activity encourages development of healthy sward
  • Steady Nitrogen release
  • Increased root depth means greater drought resistance
  • Organic activity releases locked up nutrients
  • Both naturally occurring growth stimulants are proven to contribute to recovery from shock as in adverse climatic conditions

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