DLF is the largest grass seed organisation in the UK, with an impressive market share in agriculture, amenity and domestic lawn seed.  A succession of acquisitions, taking place throughout the 1990’s including Donath Seeds, a wholesale trading organisation dealing in agricultural and amenity seed, HF Seeds, the grass seed division of Scottish Agricultural Industries, and Pope & Chapman, a long established wholesale seed merchant, led to the formation of a strong wholesale entity specialising in amenity and agricultural seed.

In 2015 the worldwide business was rebranded as DLF to reflect a team united by common values and aims. In 2001, DLF Perryfields, later known as DLF Trifolium, was formed following the merger of DLF Trifolium (UK) and Perryfields Holdings Limited.  Looking for a stronger presence in the market, Perryfields Holdings Limited looked an attractive acquisition for DLF. Inter Seeds, the forerunner of Perryfields Holdings Limited, was founded in 1982.  Over the years, from the successful trading of agricultural and amenity seed, Inter Seeds became a large wholesaler amalgamating in 1995 with retail brand marketing company Farmers Seeds Federal and research and development provider, Perryfields Seeds Limited, to become Perryfields Holdings Limited.  In 1998 the business acquired WW Johnson Limited, strengthening the product portfolio and gaining access to the market leading brand of Johnson’s Lawn Seed, known as the ‘Jewel in the Crown’.