Wildflower Photo Competition!

Win £200 of wildflower seeds (Choose from our Colourboost or Proflora ranges) & Get a behind the scenes tour, for you & your team to see our production facilities (with lunch included).

Where have you sown wildflowers this year? Whether you've planted them in your golf course, in a public open space, in your garden, at a park or somewhere else... make sure to submit your photos!
To enter, all you need to do is:​

  • Email a photo of your wildflowers to amenity@dlf.co.uk
  • Let us know: What mix you used? When did you sow? Any tips for great results? any increase in wildlife? & any other details about this project?

Entries close 3pm on Thursday 31st August

All photos must be taken by you or your company & by entering give us permission to use across our social media platforms. The winners will be announced on Friday 1st September.

Photo Of The Week Competition: Also during this 6-week competition, we will be pciking a Photo Of The Week, givin that lucky winner a DLF Seed goodie bag which includes DLF pens, a mug & sunglasses.

Photo Examples: