4salt seeds used on golf course near the ocean .

4salt® – Improved growth in saline conditions

4salt® is developed for areas with salinity problems and limitations on irrigation water, helping turf professionals grow a persistent turf under harsh conditions.

Saline conditions - Not a problem anymore!

Being near the coast should never restrict your ability to grow first quality turf. For many golf courses, for example, a clifftop location is part of the attraction. But even in locations that are distant from the sea, salinity can be a problem caused by rising levels of salt in ground water and an increasing reliance on recycled water for irrigation. Salinity also affects the verges of winter-saltes roads. Whether the salinity is due to salt in the soil, the nearby sea or the irrigation water, the 4salt® solution offers better plant growth than standard grass seed mixtures.

Our 4salt mixtures will perform well also without salinity problems, so it is at no risk to choose them as a safeguard in case of doubt, or to be prepared for changes in the quality of irrigation water etc. 

For several uses 4salt® should be the obvious choice

4salt® varieties are tested for salt tolerance and have shown improved growth under saline conditions. Our varieties should be the obivious choice under saline conditions as presented here: 

  • Coastal golf courses
  • Dikes
  • Roadsides
  • Area irrigation with recycled water with varying or unknow quality
4salt seeds during testing at R&D facilities.

The science behind 4salt®

The 4salt® concept is a results of continuous testing and selection in our R&D facilities. By exposing our germplasm to rising levels of salt in the growth substrate, we identified the most salt-tolerant varieties of species such as tall fescue and slender creeping red fescue. Before we release a variety, we put it through a 180-day salt test. This lets us check that it meets your needs - for coastal locations, for sport or amenity use, and for turf irrigated with saline recycled water. 

After a variety becomes established, we put it through a more demanding test in which we raise the salt content until it matches 3% salinity of sea water. By scoring each variety for salt-tolerance, we can compare with other varieties sold for salt-tolerance. Our varieties score best in these comparisons. 

Seeding solutions for the future

Climate changes increase the need of alternative irrigation, 4salt® is the varieties to overcome that.

Our 4salt® varieties are known to improve growth in saline conditions. Their salt tolerance enables for better growth in challeging salt conditions compared to regular not-screened varieties. 

The better salt tolerance enables professional turf managers and seed producers to use recycled water with saline- or unkown quality. Using 4salt® varieties is perfect for decreasing the use of tap-water and help support grass growth towards a sustainable production in the future. 

Salt tolerance is specie dependent

Our salt screening of different grass varieties has shown the importance differences between species. The 4salt® brand is used to identify varieties and mixtures optimized for saline conditions, based on our R&D results.

Salt tolerance tests show huge differences between species:

Red fescue - slender creeping 8,8
Tall fescue 8,3
Creeping bentgrass 7,8
Red fescue - strong creeping 7,2
Hard fescue 6,9
Perennial ryegrass 4n 6,3
Smooth-stalked meadow-grass                6,0
Perennial ryegrass 2n 5,2
Velvet bent 5,0
Browntop bent 4,3
Red fescue - chewings 4,2
Rough-stalked meadow-grass 4


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