Green and resilient field of 4turf grass.

Choose 4turf® – the toughest turf grass

4turf® is developed to help turf professionals grow a greener, stronger and more resiliant turf – also under stressful conditions. This is something truly special. Our 4turf® is a new generation of turf tetraploid perennial ryegrass varieties offering a wide range of benefits. For example, 4turf® is fast-establishing, even with soil temperature as low as 4°C, and is very tolerant to challenges like drought, cold and diseases. 4turf® is resilient turf grass varieties that will improve performance and ease maintenance.

Resilient turf grasses - from 2 to 4 sets of chromosones

Turf Perennial ryegrass, normally has two sets of chromosomes - they are diploid. Our 4turf® grass varieties have four - they are tetraploid. 

The route to tetraploidy is long. First-generation plants produce a mixture of diploid and tetraploid shoots within the same plant. To obtain 100% tetraploid turf grasses, our Research and Development has gone through a series of selections of individual shoots, counting the number of chromosomes on each shoot.   

Perennial ryegrass is an outbreeding species, why a single plant is not enough to create a variety. We need several plants to make a population that avoids inbreeding depression. 

The process takes dedication and time, but it’s all worth it. The extra set of chromosomes in 4turf® grass varieties gives a healthy, high-energy turf grass that needs minimal input to keep the turf green and inviting.

Stay green with 4turf®

It is no wonder turf managers and landscapers swear by our 4turf® varieties.  

The turfgrass needs to look pitch perfect during summer and winter. The latter can be especially tricky. That is why we have developed 4turf®, which helps the turf to stay green during the majority of the year. Here are 3 of its many benefits: 

  • Faster establishment ensures a healthy plant development and makes it perfect for overseeding. 
  • The turf stays green for longer – even in drought. This is possible thanks to the improved root architecture that makes a more efficient use of natural water reserves. 
  • Keep diseases at a safe distance thanks to the excellent tolerance to severe turf diseases.
Man on golf course.

“By using 4turf®, we get a beautiful, deep green colour turf from early spring which stays healthy and has a great wear tolerance throughout the year.”

- Morten Terkelsen, Course Manager, Esbjerg Golf Club, Denmark

Larger seeds means faster establishment

Time is money, people say. If this applies in the grass business, 4turf® is worth every penny.

Our 4turf® varieties are known for their larger seeds containing more energy reserves compared to traditional perennial grasses. This speeds up the germination – even in soil temperatures down to 4°C. 

The faster and stronger establishment of turf grasses is great news. Not only is it now possible to grow a green ground cover at the most difficult period of the year. Using 4turf® is also perfect for overseeding and can help reduce weed invasion.

What a difference 4turf® makes

The picture says it all. One side of the pitch is overseeded with 80% 4turf®. The other isn’t. Which one do you choose?

Comparison of seeds with and without 4turf overseeding.

The most tolerant turf grass

Our 4turf® varieties are not easy to stress out. They like it hot and cold and are disease tolerant. Keep scrolling to learn more about the resilience of 4turf®.

Choose a drought tolerant turf grass

One of the features making 4turf® fantastic, is the improved root architecture. The larger root system enables the turf grass to find water beyond the reach of ordinary turf grasses. 

The larger root mass makes the 4turf® more drought tolerant compared to traditional diploid perennial ryegrass. This has been proved several times, for example in drought trials conducted in France’s Loire Valley and at the RadiMax root screening facility. So, lean back and enjoy how 4turf® allows you to reduce irrigation costs and seize your sustainability goals.

Fighting turf diseases with ease

Turf diseases. The nightmare of every turf manager or landscaper. We can’t eliminate them but with the 4turf® varieties, we are stronger than ever when it comes to reducing the risk of diseases and severe damages.

The improved energy reserves of 4turf® grasses – made possible with the doubling of chromosome sets from 2 to 4 – helps withstand a range of stressful conditions. This includes diseases. 

As a result, 4turf® offers excellent resistance to microdochium patch, red thread rust and brown patch diseases which means a lower input of pesticides.

Thriving in salty conditions

Our 4turf® varieties are proven to be significantly more salt-tolerant than diploid perennial ryegrasses varieties. 

Regardless of whether it is salt spray or there is salt in the soil or in the irrigation water. The latter is especially great if you are living in an area where clean irrigation water is a scarce resource. 

Maximum cold tolerance. Minimum hassle

4turf® grasses prove superior cold tolerance and winter hardiness making them the obvious choice in environments where grass is normally not a viable option. 

Most turf grass seeds normally don’t grow much during the winter. 4turf® differs from normal. The bigger seeds ensure a rapid establishment – even in soil temperatures down to 4°C. 

The low-temperature winter growth will allow the pitches to better withstand the stressful cold.

The grass is greener with 4turf®

Looks matter. And with 4turf®, your pitch, field, course or park will look better than ever.

4turf® is innovated with a deeper green colour than traditional diploid perennial ryegrass. The improved stress tolerance and resistance to weed invasions means the turf will stay beautiful all year round – with a lower input of pesticides. 

Green grass on golf course.
Green and resilient field of 4turf grass.

Mix it up

You should mix 4turf® with other grass seed varieties to get the best result. So what to choose?

Most professionals mix 4turf® with diploid perennial ryegrasses, fescues and smooth-stalked meadow grass for a beautiful and resilient pitch that’s easier and cheaper to maintain. 

Choose a sustainable turf grass

Our 4turf® grass varieties not only ease the work of growing beautiful and resilient turfs. They also help reduce the impact on the environment.

4turf® offers several sustainable advantages. To name a few, the stronger root architecture means you can reduce irrigation and the use of nitrogen and chemical fertilisers. 

Drop of rain on grass straw

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