Give your seeds a packed lunch full of nitrogen. Everybody needs good nutrition to grow. Grass seeds are no exception. That’s why we send our ProNitro® coated seeds into the world with a packed lunch full of nitrogen that will fuel germination and growth. With ProNitro® you give your seeds a head start. The seed coating combines slow and fast-release nitrogen and there is no need for fertiliser during the first month because all the nitrogen your grass needs for early establishment comes ready-wrapped around the seed.

Save time and money with ProNitro® seed coating

Save both time and money with the ProNitro® seed coating with hydroactive water management technology. The coating contains nitrogen and wetting agent. With this combination you will ensure a much more efficient use of water, and you will get much stronger and faster establishment, because the wetting agent will lower the water surface tension

Hydroactive water management

ProNitro® seed coating with hydroactive water management technology contains both nitrogen and a wetting agent. A combination that will ensure a much more efficient use of water, and you will get much stronger and faster establishment because of the wetting agents ability to lower the water surface tension. 

Dense turf with less weeds in no time

ProNitro® is recommended for all types of playing surfaces. On golf greens and football pitches in low-fertility, sandy soils, ProNitro® provides stronger and faster establishment. Sport fields sown with ProNitro® become playable sooner, while sod producers obtain an earlier product containing less poa annua. 

Rapid germination with strong root development 

ProNitro® is coated directly onto the seeds meaning that the germinating and developing seedling receives the full benefit of the fertiliser and additional nutrition – nothing is wasted on surrounding plants. Enhanced water management improves moisture availability allowing roots and shoots to grow rapidly in the first stages of growth developing strong, vigorous plants. This is particularly important when overseeding into a competitive sward. 

15% fast- and slow-acting nitrogen

Although the concept of coating grass seed with fertiliser is not new, ProNitro® goes much further. It contains a combination of fast-acting and slow-releasing nitrogen that feeds the seed and seedling throughout the first crucial month. Tests show that the leaching of nitrogen is far less with ProNitro® than with regular grass seed and a standard fertiliser. 
With its 15% nitrogen content, ProNitro® is also far more effective. In comparison, the nitrogen content of existing seed coatings is typically between 1% and 2%, which is why the effects are often negligible. 

Increase plant survival rates by up to 34%

Very little goes to waste with ProNitro®. Roots and shoots grow rapidly in the first stages of growth; the seedlings become strong and vigorous and competitive to weeds. After establishment the fast growth wears off as the fertilizer is used up. Rapid growth improves the take-up of all available soil nutrients and decreases nutrient losses into the environment by fixation or leaching. This is especially relevant when overseeding a competitive sward. 

Tests by the Sports Turf Research Institute show that grass establishes significantly better with coated grass seed. Up to 34% more plants survive the establishment phase, creating a denser sward. These plants also have more than 30% longer roots compared to untreated seeds, resulting in better stress-tolerance. 

Treated seeds is a sound investment

At DLF we're constantly pushing performance boundaries with new varieties of grass seed offering improved characteristics. Our seed treatments support the expression of all the genetic traits we develop from plant breeding.  The extra cost of sowing with treated seeds is a sound investment. As sowing conditions vary from location to location and from year to year, treated seed has a much better chance of thriving under adverse conditions. 

Field of grass treated with ProNitro.

Benefits of ProNitro®

  • Labour saving 
  • Cost effective 
  • Improved stress-tolerance 
  • Increased wear-tolerance 
  • Reduced levels of poa annua and other weeds 
  • Reduced nutrient losses to the environment 
  • Higher establishment rate  

Find the perfect mixture

The Masterline® mixtures are designed for golf courses, stadiums, parks, etc. The mixtures consist of very fine-leafed and dense-growing, quality varieties. For enhanced performance two varieties of each species are always used in the mixtures.

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For over 175 years Johnsons Sports Seed mixtures have been equivalent to quality sports turf with an unequalled reputation for technical excellence, reflecting the standards set by the people who use them - those who lead the way in sports turf management.

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The MM Brand is one of the oldest most respected professional brands in the UK Industry with over 40 years knowledge in grass and wildflower seed. Our product portfolio is second to none with performance proven mixtures, that are used at elite professional stadiums, golf courses and international tennis centres.

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The latest Designer range of grass and wild flower seed contain mixtures and varieties that have been formulated over the last 30 years to withstand the UK climate and demands of the modern day sports and amenity professional. 

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