HF Seeds mixtures have been helping UK farmers to maximise their livestock production for over 50 years. This long and successful pedigree has grown over the years as generations of farming families come to trust the HF Seeds brand as the foremost range of grass mixtures that are available. 

The farming industry is facing many more challenges than we would have believed 10 years ago. Our climate appears to be getting drier in the summers and wetter in the winters – with more extremes of both. On top of this we are facing hostile press on the methane released by ruminant animals, without proper consideration of the many benefits that grassland brings to our environment. Farmers response must be to work towards greater efficiency of food production, with less harmful inputs, while at the same time helping nature in whatever way we can – as most have always done.

HF Seeds have been owned by DLF Seeds since 1996. DLF Seeds are the world’s biggest and most successful breeders of grass and clovers. This has allowed HF Seeds to access the latest research and developmental work on grass breeding, seed treatment, drought tolerance, disease resistance and mixture composition. Grass species and varieties that have been bred to have greater and deeper root systems, can access more nutrients than shallow rooting species and varieties, leading to more efficient dry matter production and better tolerance of extreme weather. This is a key part of the research work that is carried out in our research 
stations across the world

Our extensive trial sites in Gloucestershire, have allowed us to breed better grasses for the UK market, as well as better varieties, we are able to measure the benefits of using mixtures, rather than mono cultivars. This has helped us design more resilient mixtures which are better suited to the increasingly variable weather patterns we have to cope with.

HF Seeds are dedicated to bringing you the best mixtures, of  the highest quality seed, which will help UKfarmers prosper in these challenging times.