High Clover Mixtures

In recent years interest in clover has increased dramatically partly due to volatile fertiliser prices but also due to an increasing awareness of the huge benefits that clover can bring.

Whilst many of the benefits of clover can be achieved by simply increasing the clover level in standard mixtures, the key to unlocking the full benefits that clover can bring lies in the mixture design and the production of a sward that will produce a high yield and
allow clover to thrive at the same time.

For many years HF Seeds has pioneered the development of mixtures for the organic farmer and the experience gained can now be transferred to the conventional farmer who is interested in unlocking the full package of benefits that clover can bring.

The key elements of mixture design to create a productive high clover sward are:

  • Variety selection to ensure the production of an open but high yielding sward that allows clover to thrive
  • The correct proportion of clover in the mix to ensure that the right balance of grass and clover in the final sward is achieved

The new HF High Clover range has been developed to meet three distinct farm uses namely short term intensive cutting, dual purpose use and grazing, with recipes designed to allow clover to thrive but at the same time maintain high yields of quality forage at reduced fertiliser rates.

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