HF organic mixtures have been formulated following practical experience on farm over many years and are specially designed to meet the challenges of organic farming and despite supply pressures HF Seeds will continue to use the very best grass and clover varieties for organic systems to ensure that crucial performance factors such as yield, forage quality and disease resistance are maintained.

For 2015 all 70% HF organic mixtures have been designed on the basis of their technical performance under organic conditions to meet the following key criteria:

  • The optimum clover content of varieties best suited for organic production
  • Companion grasses which allow clover to thrive but at the same time maintain total forage yields
  • The achievement of high sugar yields and maximum feeding value from the inclusion of high sugar varieties
  • The production of top quality high D-value and palatable forage
  • Seasonal growth patterns suited to organic management, particularly good early spring growth with late heading
  • Appropriate disease resistance, in particular against Crown Rust which can be a major problem in organically managed swards affecting production, palatability and forage quality

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