Retailers can earn their stripes for a sporty summer with Johnsons Lawn Seed

With Euro 2024 and Wimbledon sparking summer excitement, now is the perfect time for retailers to turn customer excitement into sales by creating beautiful, playable lawns. Johnsons Lawn Seed, the UK's leading supplier of premium grass seed, offers retailers the ideal partnership to meet this demand, boost sales and create champion-worthy lawns.

The UEFA European Championship 2024 is well under way and the the nation is buzzing with football fever. And with Wimbledon also on the horizon, now has never been a better time for garden centres to encourage customers to transform their gardens into a mini-pitch for epic games and friendly competitions. 

The Johnsons Lawn Seed portfolio offers only the premium-grade grass tested to ensure the perfect playing surface for budding stars., whilst surging interest in the summer of sport can be capitalised on with eye-catching displays, featuring complimentary products like sprinkler systems, rollers, aerators, and edging tools, whilst Euros-themed promotions to have customers buzzing. 

​As used by sports professionals

Professional sports stadiums demand playing surfaces that endure constant use while remaining flawlessly green.  That's why tetraploid ryegrass is a game-changer! Now available for home lawns thanks to Johnsons, this innovative grass boasts a unique genetic advantage. Unlike standard ryegrass with two sets of chromosomes, tetraploid ryegrass features four, translating to several benefits for your lawn:

  • Denser Sward: Tetraploid Ryegrass requires less seed to establish a thick, lush lawn compared to diploid varieties. This translates to cost-effectiveness for you and a quicker turnaround time for achieving a professional-looking playing surface.
  • Superior Colour Retention: The enhanced genetic makeup of Tetraploid Ryegrass contributes to its vibrant green colour. This exceptional colour depth not only enhances the aesthetics of your lawn but also translates well if you envision using your garden for backyard sports activities.
  • Fast Germination: Tetraploid Ryegrass germinates quickly, allowing for efficient repairs of
  • damaged areas or reseeding during off-seasons.
  • Durability: The robust nature of tetraploid ryegrass makes it ideal for the high traffic and wear-and-tear experienced on a sports field or in the garden over the summer. Whether it be a family gathering, garden party, children’s games or a pet playground, it recovers well from frequent use and maintains its density.

Guy Jenkins, Consumer Manager said: “This summer, give your customers the chance to enjoy a vibrant and lush lawn inspired by the immaculate Euro football pitches and grass courts of Wimbledon. It's the perfect opportunity for garden centres to inspire customers to invest in the products that will help them achieve their dream lawn.”

Don't miss the kick-off!

Johnsons was the first company to start using advanced tetraploid amenity ryegrasses in lawn mixtures in 2015. Now its portfolio contains a range of innovative lawn care solutions, that can stand up to the toughest serves a family throw at it!

Tuffgrass with Dog Patch Resistance uses innovative tetraploid perennial ryegrass. This special type of grass seed develops deep roots fast, making it super resilient against dog patches, scorching summer days, and even winter chills. The deep root system, thanks to tetraploid ryegrass, helps the lawn thrive in dry weather and maintain its lush green appearance. Plus, it requires less watering during hot, dry periods.

Developed through a year of cutting-edge seed production technology, Lawn Thickener is a revolutionary product that features next-generation tetraploid perennial ryegrass seeds - "super seeds" with double the chromosomes for faster germination, improved drought tolerance, less watering needs, and increased resilience. Lawn Thickener guarantees 30% more grass growth than uncoated seeds, and each seed boasts a unique two-in-one Seedbooster® coating for fertiliser and bird deterrence, making it child, pet, and environmentally friendly.

Quick Lawn's Accelerator formula tackles three key points for a sports-ready garden - faster germination, quicker lawn establishment, and less watering (just a third compared to usual). This innovative seed, suitable for new lawns or overseeding, features a wetting agent that speeds up water absorption for a strong, thick lawn, even in challenging conditions. It also promises 38% more grass growth in the first week compared to non-coated seeds. Its technology delivers a burst of biostimulants (seaweed extract, humic acids, etc.) to kickstart growth, which then transitions to a normal rate once established.