4 Turf Perennial ryegrass

4 Turf tetraploid Perennial ryegrass has very good wearing qualities and germinates quickly. Exceptional tolerance to a broad range of environmental stresses.

Increased chloroplast and chlorophyll production for improved nitrogen efficiency and deeper colour throughout the seasons. Enhanced root development, stronger and deeper root system. Significantly increased disease resistance, fusarium, leaf spot and red thread. The species is a highly suitable mixture partner for sports turf thanks to its slightly more open nature & because of its rapid establishment in a range of conditions.


Latin name: Lolium perenne

Seed/gram: 550

Germination 1-2 weeks

Shoot density: 150-250 shoots/100cm2

Cutting height: Normal:28-40mm, not less than 4mm 

Growth: In tufts


Distinguishing features: 

  • 4 sets chromosomes

  • Leaves largely parallel-sided, but narrow to a fine tip

  •  Upper leaf surface dull with clear ribs

  •  Underside of leaf glossy with prominent keel

  •  Leaves and stems reddish at base • Leaf blade folded in the shoot

  •  Ligule up to 2mm long • Clear sheath/auricle 

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