Managing turf is becoming increasingly demanding with changing environmental and climatic conditions. To meet these changing needs, we have screened grass varieties to see which can grow better under difficult conditions like spring and early summer drought, and use nutrients more efficiently to improve the strength and health of the plant. Our research on grass root architecture shows that strong roots are essential and can help you future-proof your business.

Through our extensive global R&D network, we have invested significant resources in studying the root architecture of our grass varieties. Our state-of-the-art RadiMax root screening facility, has played a crucial role in acquiring unique insights into the nature of root systems. The findings have consistently demonstrated that grass varieties with deep and extensive root systems exhibit superior resilience in the face of changing environmental and climatic conditions, particularly during periods of drought.   

The advantages of deep-rooted grass varieties are twofold. Firstly, they provide a strong foundation for the turf, ensuring enhanced stability and durability, making the playing surface more suitable for extended hours of play. Secondly, their improved access to water and nutrients allows them to maintain a lush and appealing appearance, even in challenging conditions. 

Furthermore, these deep-rooted grass varieties contribute to significant environmental benefits. By establishing a larger root mass and reaching deeper into the soil, they enhance carbon sequestration aiding in the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, their ability to withstand drought reduces the reliance on irrigation, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced water consumption. 

Our in-depth understanding of root architecture and its correlation with the performance of grass, has enabled us to offer grass varieties that are specifically bred to meet the demands of changing environmental and climatic conditions. By selecting grasses with robust and deep-rooted characteristics, we can help our customers achieve sustainable and resilient turf solutions that deliver both functional and aesthetic benefits.

A deep root mass means:

  • Better growth and greater resilience towards early summer drought
  • Less repair and more playing hours 
  • Better visual appearance and less maintenance 
  • Less input of resources such as water and fertilizer 

About RadiMax

In collaboration with University of Copenhagen, DLF is conducting groundbreaking research on the root architecture of grasses using RadiMax, a cutting-edge root screening facility. Understanding root architecture is especially important during times of drought, as deeper layers of soil store more water. Another important factor in terms of plant establishment is fast root growth.

By employing RadiMax, we are able to analyze root architecture to a depth of 3 meters, while also using a controlled soil moisture gradient to subject the grass to varying levels of drought. This allows us to evaluate root architecture of our grass varieties and identify those that exhibit the highest level of resilience and the best visual appearance in drought conditions.

A deep root mass means

  • Better growth during and after spring and early summer drought
  • Reliable forage production and a higher degree of self-sufficiency
  • Optimal use of input resources e.g. fertilizer, with higher feed quality as a result
  • A future-proof solution to buffer against environmental and climatic extremes e.g. drought 
  • Improved soil structure
  • Sustainable forage production​

Seeds coated with ProNitro® have what it takes to prepare for a spring drought

Turf managers can eliminate the risk of losing newly sown turf to spring drought by utilizing our innovative ProNitro® seed coating. This advanced technology provides essential and targeted nutrition to nurture delicate new plants, promoting vigorous growth, and deeper root development. Faster establishment and a remarkable 30% increase in root length can be achieved by incorporating ProNitro-coated seeds into turf management.  This significant enhancement in root growth equips the plants with an increased ability to withstand and overcome challenging spring drought conditions, ensuring their survival and long-term vitality.

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The Masterline® mixtures are designed for golf courses, stadiums, parks, etc. The mixtures consist of very fine-leafed and dense-growing, quality varieties. For enhanced performance two varieties of each species are always used in the mixtures.

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For over 175 years Johnsons Sports Seed mixtures have been equivalent to quality sports turf with an unequalled reputation for technical excellence, reflecting the standards set by the people who use them - those who lead the way in sports turf management.

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The MM Brand is one of the oldest most respected professional brands in the UK Industry with over 40 years knowledge in grass and wildflower seed. Our product portfolio is second to none with performance proven mixtures, that are used at elite professional stadiums, golf courses and international tennis centres.

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The latest Designer range of grass and wild flower seed contain mixtures and varieties that have been formulated over the last 30 years to withstand the UK climate and demands of the modern day sports and amenity professional. 

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