Low-growing varieties for fairways

The fairway surface is always under pressure, especially in the driving zone. It has to be robust, but it shouldn't pose a maintenance burden. Luckily modern cultivars grow more slowly than traditional mixtures. They give you the hard-wearing surface you need, without the need for constant mowing. They cut your costs and reduce your carbon emissions.


Sow a fairway that needs less maintenance

When choosing grass for a fairway, look for the densest varieties. It's worth thinking about red-thread tolerance too because that makes your fairway easier to maintain.

For high-traffic areas sow grasses with good wear-tolerance. And for all-round performance, our Masterline Sports mixture PM45 Tee and Fairway plus produces an exceptional fairway.


Our Johnsons Sports Seed range has a range of mixtures for greens, tees, fairways and roughs. Within each mixture the varieties have been carefully selected for top performance.