Greens that run fast and true

If there's one place where every single blade of grass counts, it's the golf green. Here there's no room for error or variation: the ball must run true every time. So we select varieties and mixtures for disease-resistance and year-round densely homogeneous surfaces. Our seed mixtures range from traditional high-input mixtures to sustainable mixtures developed from the latest research.

Choose a mixture to match your exacting standards

There's plenty of choice for greens, where species such as creeping bent grass, browntop, and creeping bluegrass bring out the best in golfers. Varieties of chewings fescue and slender creeping fescue that respond well to close cutting also do well on golf greens. And our PM5 Economy Green and PM10 Traditional Green are excellent choices 


Our Johnsons Sports Seed range has a range of mixtures for greens, tees, fairways and roughs. Within each mixture the varieties have been carefully selected for top performance.