Pro Turf 2 

(with ryegrass)


15% CHARDIN perennial ryegrass

10% FABIAN 4turf perennial ryegrass

45% ROSSINANTE strong creeping red fescue 

20% ARCHIBAL slender creeping red fescue 

10% HUMBOLDT chewings fescue 

The inclusion of New Fabian 4Turf tetraploid ryegrass introduces the latest genetics from DLF, delivering fast establishment, improved colour, drought tolerance, nitrogen efficiency and incredible disease resistance! A top class mixture providing a high quality, hard wearing turf. The inclusion of Dickens combines all the benefits associated with modern turf perennials, incredable fineness of leaf and shoot density. The proportion of creeping red fescue provides a rhizomatous root structure increasing root strenght, making the resultant turf more resistant to damage when lifting.

Sowing rate: 25gm/2
Mowing height: down to 20mm
Harvest: 6-12 month 

Gromax coating available.