Fast growth for commercial
turf production

When you're growing turf for mechanical harvesting, you need rapid growth and a strong network of roots. You also want plenty of choice in seed mixtures because customers order turf for a wide range of uses from hard-wearing sports fields to easy-maintenance domestic gardens.

Seed mixtures for numerous end-users

If customers don't have a particular preference, an exceptional mixture such as 100% Poa pratensis is ideal for well-prepared soils and good commercial maintenance. But any mixture that would be suitable for a particular end-use from sports stadiums to private gardens could just as easily be sown for turf cutting.

The roots must knit together well

More than anything, turf grasses have to knit together to form a stable carpet. The turf must hold together well enough to be cut, rolled, transported, and unrolled again in its final location. For that you need species that aggressively produce numerous stolons or rhizomes.

Grasses for commercial turf growing

With rhizomes

Without stolons or rhizomes

In the UK we offer turf producers a choice of four Pro Turf mixtures