Amenity turf for parks and recreation

The more inviting a park looks, the more likely it is to be used, loved, and cared for by the local community. You need a turf that's dense and disease-resistant.

A park that's tolerant of children, dogs, and ball games

The days of signs saying 'Keep off the grass' are long gone. Green spaces are there to be used and enjoyed, which means they need a degree of wear-tolerance.

Keeping maintenance costs down

From municipalities, the cost of maintenance of public spaces is crucial. The less often you have to mow your turf, the better. And you certainly don't want to have to water it. These are all arguments in favour of mixtures that are slow-growing and drought-tolerant.

Go pesticide and fungicide-free

Pesticides and public spaces do not go well together. For a park that never needs spraying, choose grass mixtures that are dense, persistent, and disease-resistant.


Grasses for a park to be proud of

The key grass species for amenity use are:

For special situations, other species may be more appropriate, for example, Poa trivialis in shade.

We offer several mixtures tailor-made for public spaces from our Masterline Landscape range. They give you resistance to the most common stress factors or a range of all-round characteristics.