Turf for shady conditions

Wherever turf grows, there will be trees or buildings to shade out sunlight. Shade inhibits growth and reduces density, wear-tolerance, and resistance to disease.

For the past 15 years we've been conducting shade trials in tunnels that eliminate 70% of the natural light. Since the average shade-tolerance of our portfolio is already high, we use these tunnels to select and test the very best varieties. Our PM60 Greenshade mixture will do very well in shaded conditions 

Research and development of shade-tolerant varieties

At our breeding stations in France and Denmark we've covered large test areas in dark nets that cut out at least 30% of the natural daylight. Each week we score them for density and colour, and compare the results with identical varieties growing in full daylight. The best-performing varieties become components of turf mixtures that grow vigorously in the shade.